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Patient Needs First

Deep Respect for the Individual
Honesty, Integrity and Teamwork
Hard Work and Continuous Improvement

Genesis Home Health Services, Inc.

Genesis has set a high standard of behavior which it has a right to expect from its employees. We urge you to assume full responsibility for our reputation in the community. Be uncompromising in your honesty and integrity, and always make sure your personal conduct is the very best it can be. A moment of carelessness or discourtesy may break down goodwill we are trying to forge with the community. Remember, Customers judge Genesis by its employees’ conduct, hospitality, enthusiasm and pride.

You are expected to…

  • Obey all laws, follow all policies and procedures, and keep informed of our policy and procedural changes. This will ensure prompt and accurate service to our patients, their families, and healthcare providers. You should strive to provide quality service and feel good about a job well done.
  • Be courteous and helpful. Make certain everyone you encounter, over the telephone and in person, receives consideration and superior service.
  • Be a good listener. Whether you are dealing with a customer or an employee, listen to their point of view. Understand occasional frustration or anger.
  • Ask questions. Ask you Supervisor any questions you may have about your job and Company guidelines. Ask our Customer questions that will help you help them.

Our Core Values

The Genesis Way

A conversation with a Physician in the spring  of 2004 persuaded the Founders of Genesis of the need for home health in Northeastern Nevada. This Physician confided that there are more than thirty Medicare beneficiaries in the small, remote town of Crescent Valley alone who have been petitioning, unsuccessfully, the two existing home health agencies in Elko to provide the needed home care. The Founders recognized this opportunity, and they initiated a series of meetings and consultations with Physicians and Nurses in the area. As a result, they concluded that an Agency, managed by Physicians could become the region’s market leader. The Founders believe that quality health care is a right for all Americans—not just a privilege and that as Physicians, their duty is to provide timely, cost-efficient and outcome driven health care for all. Hence, Genesis was born!​

Our goal is to be the premier home health Agency and Company of choice for our patients and physicians in Nevada. We will succeed by serving the needs of our patients and their families with leading-edge nursing and rehabilitative care. We will achieve excellence in patient satisfaction by employing the best qualified clinicians with the highest ethical standards. We have a purpose: assisting patients to attain an independent lifestyle, improving their quality of life and, the prolongation – ultimately – of healthy lives.

Our strategy is to deliver compassionate, timely, cost-effective and outcome-driven health care to the people who need it the most. Our workforce will be the source of our competitive advantage. We will distinguish ourselves by creating an environment that fosters teamwork and innovation, by developing and utilizing our employees’ abilities to the fullest, and by treating each other with dignity and respect. Achievement of our vision will come through the talents and extraordinary dedication that employees will bring with them every day of the year.

In the beginning…

Standards of Service